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Training solutions to meet your requirements

We aim to fulfill your unique requirements through our training solutions.

The world is changing; with technological advancement and globalization, organizations need to be able to keep up with today’s competitive era, just to survive in the market. KFA understands that there is an underlying urgency for companies to invest in increasing employee competencies to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge that drive the organizational efficiency.


KFA Training School started its journey with an intensive focus in structured Banking Training Programs, Workshops & Seminars to suit the requirements of diverse Financial Institutions and Corporates as well as non-corporate participants. So far, KFA has trained over 10,000 participants from diverse professional and academic backgrounds. With its recent plunge into the online module, KFA has expanded its area of focus into numerous participants from different geographical regions as well.  


With over 24 years of experience, KFA is corporates’ most trusted institution, providing various training solutions to its clients ranging from corporates to individuals, from national and international organizations. Our extensive training packages are designed to add value to your organization by covering every aspect of your training requirements. Besides, KFA also provides customized training programs tailored to meet your distinct requirements. Our pool of highly skilled trainers, who encourage interactive and participative approach of learning, will not just help you achieve your training goals, but also ensure a delightful training experience.

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